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Fire. Bike. Road. Electrical Safety & more coming soon.


Safety Village class

School Programs

Each year we welcome about 70 elementary school classes or about 1500 students into our facility where they hop on a bike and learn safe riding and pedestrian safety training. Classes come from over 50 kms away to enjoy our quaint village. We serve 13 local schools, 10 neighboring community schools and many childcares. 

As well as bike safety, a major component of the village is Fire Safety education in our two-story firehouse, which is taught by various fire departments from the elementary school communities. This partnership strengthens the child's relationship and understanding of their local Fire Department. 

School programs are held Monday to Friday, throughout May & June. We open school bookings in March, but do fill quickly! Book early to confirm your spot! 

If you wish to learn more about the school programs, please contact us directly so that we can accommodate your classes needs.

Parents can email us to arrange bike pick ups if you miss us! Email and we will be happy to connect!

Learning to Live Safely.

Discover our Safety Village, where essential safety practices come to life in an engaging, immersive environment. Perfect for your school's curriculum, we offer hands-on learning in fire, bike, electrical, and road safety through real-world scenarios. Our village isn't just a field trip—it's a vital, interactive education in making informed, safe choices. Empower your students with unforgettable, practical safety experiences that stick with them long after their visit.

Childing on Bike
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